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Detailing Cars In Oklahoma City

First, if you are an existing client and you are here as a result of the massive email campaign we just sent out to our clients, thank you for visiting. Enjoy the tips and references we included in this post. More emails to come. Thank you.

Oklahoma City has interesting weather. For the most part, the weather is consistent, summers are beautiful and winters are brisk. The sun isn’t harsh enough to beat your vehicles paint job into the mess an Arizona summer would. Winters don’t have enough consistent rain and hail to damage your cars exterior detail. And then there is the elephant in the room, Oklahoma’s weather system can flip and drop golfball sized hail on top of unsuspecting drivers, leaving their vehicles damaged and in need of much more than a detailing. In addition to the hail, there is are tornadoes that rip through Oklahoma like a Tasmanian Devil. Debris can be slung with such force that vehicles can be subjected to extreme damage, and of course, they can become completely totaled.

Assuming that there are no hail balls falling, and tornadoes aren’t uprooting trees and homes, it’s time to get your vehicle detailed. There are many reasons to get your vehicle detailed, from general maintenance to first impressions, a clean car can take you places you may have never imagined. Here are some tips to maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis before bringing it in for a car detailing OKC.

Regular Maintenance Tips – Keeping Your Car Clean

Every Day Household Items For Detailing

Interior Detail

Q Tips:  For getting in between AC/Heat Vents. Also, can be used to detail speakers.

Household Vacuum: Don’t need an industrial shop vac to clean the interior.

Eraser: Yes, a pink eraser. This can be used to gently remove various substances from the interior. Especially leather and dash areas. Below are some other tips.

Tooth Brush: This should be the most common item listed so far. Great for scrubbing off dried spills and food messes.

Olive Oil: Yes, some people actually use Olive Oil on their dashboards. We recommend bringing the vehicle into us but feel free to experiment.

Squeegee: Not just for the windows, you can also use a squeegee to pull up animal hair from upholstery.

Clothing Iron: In conjunction with a piece of paper, you can extract wax based substances like crayons from upholstery.

Sponge / Cloth: You can use hot water and detergent with a sponge or wash cloth to remove unwanted spills from upholstery.

Washer & Dryer: You can scrub your floor mats, then run them through the washer and dryer to finish them.

Lint Roller: For obvious reasons.

Baking Soda: Helps draw out smells. you can use with water diluted vinegar.

Exterior Detail

Steele Wool: Great for cleaning windows. Use a lite non-abrasive wool.

Rubbing Alcohol: Great for your windshield wipers, helps prevent smears.

Dryer Sheets: Submerge in soap and hot water to clean your grill and rims. Below are some additional rim cleaning tips.

Toothpaste & Water: Great for clearing up foggy headlight covers.

Playdough: Use some of this to clean of deep grime that water and a cloth won’t take off. Use it with a quality surface cleaner for best results.

2016 Oklahoma City Car Show – Beautiful Detailed Cars

Drive Through Options in OKC

For those of you that don’t have time for car detailing OKC, there are quick, convenient options available that will allow you to get the exterior of your car cleaned quick (not detailed) and have you back to work before lunch is over. Here are the top 3 drive through car washes in Oklahoma City.

1. Classen Clean & Green Car Wash

2. Zips Car Wash

3. Legacy Express Car Wash

Car Detailing OKC – Mobile Detailing

OKC Car Detailing Reviews

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Not sure where to find a car detailing service in Norman OK? At Chase Detailing, we’re here as your first port of call if you want to have your car detailed to a very high specificity and standard. Every one of the detailing packages that we offer is designed in order to help you in maintaining your vehicle and in keeping it looking like it’s still brand new.

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