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First and foremost, if you are an existing client and are here because of our massive email blast from http://chasedetailing.com/ please enjoy. We have compiled a list of OKC related blogs you might find interesting. If you are part of our car detailing subscription plan and have received a link to this twice, we apologize, this did go out to members and non-members both. If you have stumbled upon this post randomly then enjoy as well, we will continue building out this blog for our fellow Okies!

Oklahoma Blog Resources

• Anyone that lives here knows about tornadoes. Check this site out to learn a little more. http://disastertechlab.org/deployments/oklahoma/

• Oklahoma burglary http://www.mwilliams.info/archive/2017/08/felony-murder-rule-in-oklahoma-burglary.php

• Wastewater Disposal induced OKC earthquake https://blogs.agu.org/geospace/2016/10/25/wastewater-disposal-likely-induced-february-2016-magnitude-5-1-oklahoma-earthquake/

• Earthquake faults in Oklahoma sited for increase in quakes https://blogs.agu.org/geospace/2015/02/17/earthquake-faults-identified-surge-oklahoma-quakes/

• Everyone is an amateur meteorologist in Oklahoma (being from here, I can confirm this is pretty accurate – haha!) http://www.stormsheltersdirect.net/blog/amateur-meteorologist

• Oklahoma moving resource for families and businesses in OKC. http://www.ablemoversokc.com/everything-about-moving-blog/moving-tips-before-your-move

• 2016 Oklahoma State question summary http://www.batesline.com/archives/2016/11/2016-oklahoma-state-question-sum.html

• Spring landscaping tips for Oklahoma homeowners https://www.lawnamerica.com/blog/4-spring-landscape-tips-for-oklahoma-homeowners/

• Dana Price Dental http://www.danapricedental.com/dr-dana-price-blog/our-customers-say-it-best

• Aim High Marketing partners with Team Logic http://wsibestebusiness.com/digital-marketing/wsi-aimhigh-marketing-partners-with-teamlogic-it-oklahoma-city-for-local-seo

• Heritage Christian Academy http://www.hcakc.org/_blog/HCA_News/post/a-heart-for-oklahoma/

• Christian adoption and Foster care http://www.lilyfield.org/lilyfield-christian-adoption-and-foster-care/foster-family1

• Oklahoma’s second tornado season http://www.enidstormshelters.com/blog/oklahomas-2nd-tornado-season

• Jiujitsu school in Oklahoma dominates http://okbjj.com/_blog/News_and_Announcements/post/okc-martial-arts-school-dominate-bjj-tourney-in-oklahoma/

• Life Counseling Center, finding support through divorce http://www.tlccok.com/blog/the-importance-of-co-parenting-and-finding-support-thru-divorce

Thanks for stopping by our Oklahoma City blog and looking around. We are a mobile detailing shop that offers car, truck, trailer, and boat detailing services in and around OKC. Our detailing technicians are the best in the business and take a massive amount of pride in their auto detailing work. If you or anyone you know could use a detailing please reach out to us. You can visit our website at http://chasedetailing.com/ for more information about our car detailing services. Thank you.

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Not sure where to find a car detailing service in Norman OK? At Chase Detailing, we’re here as your first port of call if you want to have your car detailed to a very high specificity and standard. Every one of the detailing packages that we offer is designed in order to help you in maintaining your vehicle and in keeping it looking like it’s still brand new.

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