Preparing Your Car For The Summer

Car detailing in Oklahoma City. Getting your car prepared for summer.

Preparing Your Car for Summer


Prepping your car for the summer months takes time, effort and money, to do it right. The brutal summer sun, and depending on where you live, factors like dry heat, salt air or humidity can also take their toll. You spent a lot of money to purchase your car; you should work to keep it looking its best, inside and out. If you prefer someone else does the detailing for you, head on over to to learn more about auto detailing.

Detailing Rims and WheelsSo what steps can you take to keep your car looking shiny in the summer months? Keeping it clean is the obvious first step. Make sure you wash your car regularly with car soap and the appropriate washing mitt or special sponges and cloths. The materials you use can make a large difference in the longevity of the cleanliness of your vehicle; soap made just for car washing can eliminate water spots and streaks. Drying your car completely by using either a chamois or a microfiber drying towel. Anything else could potentially scratch your paint. Don’t forget to polish those rims and undercarriage of the car; this is where the majority of the dirt winds up. Neglecting the undercarriage of your car can cause damage, so make sure it is washed well. Or, you can invest in regular car washes by the professionals to ensure your car stays clean. If you don’t wash your car on a consistent basis, the dirt, dust, and other environmental factors build up on your car’s paint, causing it to look lackluster. Routine washings will keep your paint job looking its best.

Another obvious way you can keep your car looking shiny and new is to not park under trees. Not only will you get leaves, sticks and tree sap, but you will get an abundance of bird poop. Sap and bird droppings need to be removed right away or they can ruin the paint on your vehicle. This is another reason regular car washings are important.

Your home probably has a garage; you should park your car in it. If you are cleaning your car, one way to keep it clean is to protect it from the elements. You can also opt for covered parking or parking garages when you are out if they are available. It may amount to a longer walk to getting where you need to go, but it will help keep your car shiny, especially in the summer months. By leaving your car in the summer heat, you are compromising its finish, causing it to age prematurely. Another way to protect your car’s paint is to park away from other cars, if possible. Your car will be subject to dings and scratches from other vehicles, and to keep your car in its best shape this summer, you will want to use a rubbing compound to fill in those little imperfections. There are certain creams you can use that don’t require a polishing machine; you can actually buff them out by hand. For recommendations on which products will work best for your vehicle, look online or consult a professional detailer. If your car has serious damage, it may require bodywork. While enlisting the help of either a detailer or auto body repair specialist may be more expensive, they can get your car looking brand new again.

If you plan to clean the car yourself, remember to use a clay bar to remove reasons why you should wax your carbonded contaminants. If you can feel any bumps on the paint after you wash it, you will want to use the clay bar step. The next step to protecting its finish from the summer sun is to wax the vehicle. Apply two thin coats of wax and let it set. Removing your wax too soon will leave your vehicle vulnerable. Just like you use a reputable sunscreen to protect your skin, the same is true for your car’s paint job, so don’t forget the wax after the wash!

You can also have a clear coat finish applied by a professional, which will help your paint’s longevity. By applying a wax over the paint sealant, this layering effect provides your car with protection and shine. To make your car dazzle in the summer sunlight, try these simple steps.

• Make sure the car is clean, free of all dirt and debris.
• Use a clay bar, if necessary
• Polish the car to remove scratches, scuffs, and marks.
• Use a paint treatment to fill in the scratches and swirl marks.
• Use a synthetic paint sealant or a Carnauba wax to protect the finish.

Another sure-fire way to protect your car’s finish is to invest in a car cover. If your car is a classic and isn’t driven very often, this is an excellent way to keep it from the elements. For a car that you use for transportation, it will be more difficult to keep it super clean. Just like using a sunshade will protect your car’s interior, and dashboard from the sun, a car cover can defend your car’s paint from the harsh sun.

To maintain your car’s beautiful sheen, keep a spray detailer and microfiber cloth in your trunk at all times. It will come in handy if you encounter any tree sap or bird droppings. Additionally, you will want to keep a window cleaner for especially for automobiles, other types contain chemicals that are harmful to the tint in car windows.

Your car is a major investment, so it is important to take care of it, from the oil changes to the scratches on the bumper. Your car is a reflection of who you are and how you maintain it says a lot about you. The summertime can take a big price on your car’s exterior, so cleaning it and protecting it an ongoing task that requires effort. Having a shiny, glistening vehicle can help you feel better about the hours you spend cruising around town and driving to and from work. Not only is a clean vehicle easy to maintain once you put in the initial work, but the rewards are keeping your car protected from the environment and giving you a sense of pride.

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